On Tap

Floodwatch • IPA

Taken from a Scout Oath of Preparedness.
Whole flower dry-hopping of Simcoe & Sorachi Ace.
5.7% ABV

Ball Lightning • Pilsner

A crisp luminous bolt Lager.
A surge of whole-cone Saaz.
5.5% ABV

Nightshine • Black Lager

A full-flavored dark stranger for cold Catskill nights.
Dehusked black malt ensures no bitter feelings.
5.5% ABV

Freak Tractor (Model 14) • Wild

From our wild beer series, Freak Tractor (Model 14) is
made with 100% Brettanomyces yeast, and delivers a unique
combination of earthy notes and a hint of tropical fruit.
6.4% ABV

Devil’s Path • IPA

Named after The Catskills most harrowing trail,
our 7.5% IPA will steer you away from the well-worn
path of mundane thinking, and invite you on a thorny
pleasure-filled journey of free will & enlightenment.
7.5% ABV

Darbee’s Irresistible • Pale Ale

A very special East Coast style pale ale.  Brewed in small quantities.
6.2% ABV

Eye of Newt • Flanders-Style Red Ale

Barrel-aged and indulgent.  A delicate, delicious version of this
classic style.
6.5% ABV

Jewelweed • Gold Sour

Time in oak and then back in the keg has produced a very
accessible sour. It’s bright golden color and toned-down tartness
makes it a pleasure to drink.
5.9% ABV

Rotational and Seasonal Beers


This delicious medium body stout is super-drinkable. The roasted
malts are complex and chocolatey.
5.4% ABV

Catskill Tribute 2 • Winter Warmer

This unique beer uses an ancient Lithuanian Farmhouse yeast. The yeast
brings out a complexity in the malts we use. Made with crushed juniper berries!
5.2% ABV

Wood-Ferm Ale Blend

A blend of our open-fermented small-batch series. This beer has
a pleasurable funk and a light acidity. A refined beer!
5.2% ABV

Honey Saison

120lbs. of local honey was used to ferment this beer, leaving
a complex botanical bouquet.
4.6% ABV

Foeder Beer v1.1 • Mixed-Ferm Saison

Lemon-lime tartness up front and a bright acidity punctuate this “summer in a glass” beer for those hankering for warmer weather.
5.1% ABV

American Baby • Pilsner

Our mashup of our favorite dry-hopped Catskill pilsner rotationals.
Easy drinking, balanced with a refreshing hoppiness.
4.7% ABV

The Catskill Brewery

672 Old Rte. 17, Livingston Manor, NY

We are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for Taproom hours – featuring growlers and Crowlers to go.

Summer Taproom Hours

Monday: 3pm – 8pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 3pm – 8pm
Thursday: 3pm – 8pm
Friday: 12pm – 9pm
Saturday: 12pm – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

The Catskill Brewery makes fresh ales and lagers using the best natural ingredients available. We make beer here, but we live here too – in this place we call The Catskills. So, we’ll keep an eye on the steps we take, and make sure we don’t leave a trace. In our building, our beliefs, and our process, we will look for every opportunity to make the best beer, share the best stories, and introduce new people to this place we love.

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We are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for Taproom hours – featuring growlers and Crowlers to go.

SPRING Taproom Hours

Monday: 3pm-8pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 3pm – 8pm
Thursday: 3pm – 8pm
Friday: 12pm – 9pm
Saturday: 12pm – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

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Upcoming Events

07/07/2018 2:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Catskill Back 40 Revival Concert Series featuring The Nude Party, Guerilla Toss, Schmave and ZZZWalk
The Catskill Brewery, 672 Old Rte. 17, Livingston Manor, NY

Catskill Brewery presents the return of the Catskill Back 40 Revival.    This edition of the concert series focuses on great music that features bands related by degrees directly to the brewery.  It features our friends The Nude Party, Guerilla Toss, Schmave and ZZZWalk.    The brewery will be open on this day, but the area behind the brewery will be transformed into our excellent concert venue.   Tickets are $20.

GET TICKETS HERE: https://www.universe.com/back40revivalseries

The Nude Party – Our local garage-rockers gone national.   https://thenudeparty.bandcamp.com

Guerilla Toss – Spanning NYC and Livingston Manor, a great band that we’re lucky to have in our Back 40.  https://guerillatoss.bandcamp.com/track/spider-heard

Schmave – New Paltz indie rock favorites and Nude Party bill-mates, ready to bring it big to the brewery.   https://schmavemusic.bandcamp.com/album/winnebago-vacation-schmave-split-ep

ZZZWalk – They’re teaming with The Nude Party for their record release and are making the trip to the country!  https://www.facebook.com/ZZZWALK

Livingston Manor deserves a night like this – cool music from great bands that don’t get to play in this area very much. You must present ID to purchase beer and no dogs are allowed in the concert area during this show.



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